History of the school

Our school was established in 1997 on Dobsinsky street with 415 pupils and 30 teachers.  Valeria Sebők became as a first principal of the school and her assistant was Istvan Hacsi. Our school was situated in the building of Slovak Army.

The new building of our school on Novomesky street was opened in 1997. Now we are situated in the residential district “West”.  403 students and 32 teachers got a brand new and better place. This building included 16 classrooms but with the help of the parents now we have 18 classrooms. We have six special classrooms: for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ethics, Informatics and for Linguistics. There is also a special classroom for teaching/learning foreign languages (English and German language) and also we are proud of our “Art Workshop”. Internet availability, teaching Informatics, On-line lessons, project working are realized in the computers room. Our gymnasium is the most modern gym in our town. It is a brand new gym where our pupils can do a lot of sport. We are really proud of it.

Our school’s name is  Ferenczy István Primary School with Hungarian Language. István Ferenczy was the most famous representative of Hungarian sculpture. The statue of  Istvan Ferenczy was made by our teacher of arts Ms. Katalin Nagyferenc. You can see this statue in our school.
We also have a school newspaper, its name is “Tanakodó nebuló”.

From June 2002 the  principal of the school  is Gizela Kubačkova. Her assistants are Zuzsna Bodorova and Agnesa Mihályova.

Now 198 pupils visit our school and 23 teachers guarantee the exclusive education.

Every year our pupils are engaged in different competitions. They regularly participate Literary competitions, Mathematical competitions, sport events, etc. Pupils of Ferenczy School are winners of many regional and country competitions, such as: “Poznaj  slovenskú reč”, “Szep magyar beszed” or “Pythagoras”. Our students are also successful in sciences.